• Hospice Aide Services
• Homemaker Services
• Physician Services
• Nursing Services
• Volunteers
• Social Services
• Dietary Counseling
• Spiritual Counseling
• Medication for Pain Control & Symptom Management
• Medical Supplies
•Durable Medical Equipment
• Inpatient Care
• Bereavement Support
• Volunteer Services
• Home Health Aide Services
• Pharmacy Service

How can Patients receive Services from Serenity Hospice?

Let us help you.

To receive Serenity Hospice services:

• A patient, or authorized caregiver, can ask his or her physician to contact Serenity Hospice.

• Serenity Hospice will be happy to consult the patient’s physician on his or her behalf to discuss care.

• Contact Serenity Hospice directly for a consultation at (760) 325 – 8718.

Services Not Covered: 

The following services are not covered under the hospice benefit:

• Treatment for the terminal illness which is not for symptom management and pain control.

• Services unrelated to the terminal illness.

• Care giver by another healthcare provider that was not arrange by the patient’s hospice agency.

• Care given by another healthcare provider that was not arranged by the patient’s hospice agency.

• Care from another provider which duplicates the care the hospice agency is required to provide.